What is a Medscheck?

A Medscheck is a free service funded by the Australian Government and involves one-on-one time with your pharmacist, in the pharmacy to discuss all your medicines.

Why have a Medscheck?

A Medsheck will help you better manage your medicines. It will help:

  • Increase your knowledge about your medicines;

  • Increase your confidence in using your medicines; and

  • Reduce your risk of an avoidable trip to hospital.

We will discuss everything associated with you medication including;

  • Timing/dosage of medicines.

  • Different brands (generic medicines)

  • Medical conditions

  • Possible side effects

  • Storage of medications

  • Use of devices (puffers/blood pressure machines, etc)

  • Lifestyle/dietary advice

  • Use of complementary/Over The Counter medicines/vitamins etc

  • Other concerns/issues you have

This will take approximately 1 hour.

Then, we will assess all of the information, provide you with an up-to-date medication list, develop a medication action plan and liaise with your GP if necessary.

Please contact us for more information or to book your FREE Medscheck today.