Dose Administration Aids

Dose administration aids (DAAs) are devices such as compartmentalised boxes, sachet packs or blister packs which are used to aid the administration of solid, oral medications.

The MPS Sachets used by Wangaratta Pharmacy are small plastic packs containing daily medication (including vitamins) and can be personalised and customised to your needs. The sachets are labelled with name, medication type, quantity and the dosage time and are securely packed to the highest quality standards. Perforated edges make the MPS sachet easy to use. Plus, it is small and discrete to slip into your pocket or handbag.

This administration aid is now used by thousands of people of all age groups who need to take medication on a regular basis. This professional service also eliminates all the handling of tablet containers, storage of medication and contacting doctors for repeat prescriptions by patients, carers or parents.

With every fill a Pharmacist is required to:

  • perform a medication review

  • fill prescriptions as they run out

  • liase with the patient’s doctor for new prescriptions

  • with every fill the pharmacist is required to check the contents of the sachet pack

  • Fill out the record chart with each supply

  • store and file the patients medication and prescriptions

  • deliver ( where applicable )

Please contact our friendly dispensary staff if you have any further questions or if you have already decided take advantage of this service.

If you wish to commence this service please download the form in the PDF file provided which sets our all the requirements for our initial set-up.

The form is merely to inform and streamline the process and if you do not have a printer please just read the form and bring in the relevant information along with all current medication, prescriptions and an up-to-date medication chart from the doctor.

The medication chart is to be requested by you and can be faxed through to our pharmacy on 57 21 9039 to save collection from the surgery if this is more convenient.

If the patient lives within the town limits we also provide a FREE weekly delivery service OR you can collect from the pharmacy. If out of town, it is strictly on a collection basis and will weekly OR on a fortnightly interval if more convenient.